Alpine Scout Camp Cub World Promotional Video

Greater New York Councils, BSA Image

Alpine Scout Camp Cub World Promotional Video

Added on Jan 15, 2015
by ScoutingNYC

Alpine Scout Camp Cub World Promotional Video

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  • Conquistador Council BSA Image
    2 years ago
    Diana Carrillo
    Love that I want go there
    Pending Approval
  • North Florida Council Image
    Assistant Scoutmaster
    Trained Strip
    a year ago
    Rico Blanco
    When I was a Scout, our troop loved this camp. I have fond memories from 1972-80
    Pending Approval
  • Iroquois Trail Council Image
    11 months ago
    Brother Lefty Izquierdo
    the must i like about this camp side is the fire side at the end of the week every body prepare a skit and presented will the night get dark then we get to go home was in pack 22 New York. now in troop 20
    Pending Approval
  • Coastal Carolina Council Image
    Committee Advancement Coordinator
    Trained Strip
    7 months ago
    Cheryl Malcolm
    HI, I am from Brooklyn Troop 197. We have camped here forever. We have memories on top of memories. Loads of pics too. CubWorld is The Best !!!!!!!!!
    Pending Approval
  • Coastal Georgia Council Image
    5 months ago
    Marie Aja-Herrera
    Great camping!
    Pending Approval
  • Grand Canyon Council Image
    2 months ago
    Jacob G.
    Pending Approval
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