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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Scouts, Venturers give a 3-D-printed hand to kids in need

by Bryan on Scouting - Blog
© Bryan on Scouting - Blog

This could be the coolest STEM-related Scout service project I've ever seen.

Scouts and Venturers in Baltimore are creating 3-D-printed hands to distribute to kids in need around the world.

Increasingly affordable and simple to use, 3-D printers do exactly as their name implies: they create, seemingly out of thin air, a three-dimensional model of pretty much anything you can think of. Prosthetic hands are among the more altruistic 3-D-printed items around.

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  • Westark Area Council Image
    2 years ago
    Guadalupe Lopez
    This is awesome!!!!
    Pending Approval
  • Greater St. Louis Area Council Image
    2 years ago
    Cameron K.
    That's so nice of them, talk about a good turn daily!
    Pending Approval
  • Transatlantic Council, BSA Image
    2 years ago
    Ray M.
    Maybe they should work on a 3-D foot or somthing too. That's cool!
    Pending Approval
  • Grand Canyon Council Image
    a year ago
    Connie Garcia
    Very impressive!! Cool stuff.:)
    Pending Approval
  • Water and Woods FSC  (Michigan Crossroads Council) Image
    Trained Strip
    a year ago
    Walker Layne
    Very cool
    Pending Approval
  • Aloha Council, BSA Image
    a year ago
    Paddy Dunn
    Pending Approval
  • Westchester Putnam Image
    a year ago
    Brian LaMons
    Pending Approval
  • Chickasaw Council Image
    6 months ago
    Hunter M.
    Do all the fingers move when Kids move their hands? This is amazing and I want to learn how to be a part of it!
    Pending Approval
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