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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Here's how Eagle Palms work

by Bryan on Scouting - Blog
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With 135 different merit badges available — from American Business to Woodwork — you can't blame a Scout for not stopping after No. 21.

The Boy Scouts of America encourages this behavior. That's why the BSA offers Eagle palms to Scouts who earn more than the 21 merit badges required for the Eagle Scout rank.

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  • Great Salt Lake Council Image
    3 years ago
    Greg Nelson
    Glad to see that you found out the information on the palms. It will be exciting to see boys earn multiple palms.
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  • Chief Seattle Council Image
    Committee Advancement Coordinator
    2 years ago
    Betty Skelly
    As a new advance chair, we have boy earned already 30 badges...,
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  • Blue Ridge Mtns Council Image
    Committee Member
    Trained Strip
    2 years ago
    Pam Katt
    As advancement chair it is very rewarding to have scouts earn Eagle at an early enough age to then stay in scouting to earn Eagle Palms. The most in our troop thus far by one scout is 3; one of each of the palms. His leadership within the troop was valuable as was the other scouts that earned some palms as well. According to these scouts this is when scouting really became fun----no more "laboring" advancement, just fun earning merit badges (most of which were earned over the years of obtaining Eagle rank) choosing to participate in the troop activities and provided leadership for the troop. Finally being able to put all they had learned to real practice.
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  • National Capital Area Council Image
    a year ago
    Angela Roth
    Get your boys to get their Eagle's done earlier than later! My son left 2 palms on the table due to aging out. BUT he loves scouts and really enjoyed the badges he earned along the way.
    updated a year ago
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  • Cape Fear Council Image
    a year ago
    David Evans
    I now understand the eagle palms process. Ethan will finish his eagle work asap now that he sees the progression with palms. His involvement will continue much longer now.
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  • Greater St. Louis Area Council Image
    Assistant Den Leader
    Trained Strip
    a year ago
    Preston Vander Ven
    I earned my Bronze palm, and had almost enough merit badges for my Silver, just not enough time. I earned my Eagle Award very close to my eighteenth birthday. One of the requirements during my years, and probably today also was a waiting periods of I think 6 months between palms.
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  • Chippewa Valley Council Image
    Committee Advancement Coordinator
    11 months ago
    William Spangler
    As a parent of a new Tiger, we have a LONG way to go, but it's great to see this info. Out of curiosity, at what age do most scouts that do reach eagle? It's one of my great regrets in life not getting there myself, and I plan to do everything I can to help my sons get there! Thanks!!
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  • The Spirit of Adventure Image
    10 months ago
    Caden C.

    Surpass standards, and your own expectations, realize the potential experiences earning the merit badges. A great hobby in my arsenal.
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