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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Friendly reminder: Don’t miss the Cub Scout webcasts on Saturday, Jan. 17

by Bryan on Scouting - Blog
© Bryan on Scouting - Blog

Cub Scout leaders, I know I already blogged about the Jan. 17 webcasts outlining imminent changes to the Cub Scout program.

But I also know you've slept (and celebrated several holidays) since that original post. So I'm reminding you again. It's that important.

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  • Golden Empire Council Image
    Trained Strip
    3 years ago
    Jason Bettini
    I wasn't able to get online to watch the new program. I heard they have it recorded. How do I get access to the recording for CubMaster and Den Leaders?
    Pending Approval
  • Cherokee Area Council Image
    3 years ago
    Charles Wallace
    My understanding is that this will be posted soon. Bryan, of Bryan on Scouting, should post a link when it is available. Watch his blog.
    Pending Approval
  • Coastal Carolina Council Image
    3 years ago
    Micah Hudson
    The first 19 minutes of the videos are blank so fast forward ahead. There also is a new pdf on questions in the program updates page that lists all of the questions they answered in the online videos. This pretty much is the best part of the videos and you can have it in a written format.
    Pending Approval
  • Baltimore Area Council Image
    2 years ago
    George Huebschman
    I'm just starting and it's all new to me.
    Are those videos posted?
    Pending Approval
  • Utah National Parks Image
    a year ago
    Jeannene Atkinson
    Where can I find the new requirments for
    Cub Scouts changes to lessor reqs
    Pending Approval
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