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Monday, January 5, 2015

Boy Scout troop rescues pilot whose plane crashed into river

by Bryan on Scouting - Blog
© Bryan on Scouting - Blog

Scouts learn to be prepared for anything, but nobody in Troop 597 could've expected this.

The boys from Dacula, Ga. (40 miles northeast of Atlanta), were enjoying their annual Christmas paddling trip on the Congaree River near Columbia, S.C., when a plane passed them overhead. It was flying really low.

The boys and their leaders continued paddling and came upon the Mooney M20 propeller plane in the water. At first it looked like a remote-controlled sailboat, but as they got closer they realized what they were seeing. Then they spotted the pilot standing on the shore calling for help.

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  • Hawkeye Area Council Image
    3 years ago
    Trisha Grimm
    Very touching story!
    Pending Approval
  • Capitol Area Council Image
    3 years ago
    Anthony Figgins
    Very cool
    Pending Approval
  • Crossroads Of America Image
    Assistant Cubmaster
    3 years ago
    Andrew Bowman
    Thats so amazing.
    Pending Approval
  • Northeast Georgia Council Image
    Assistant Scoutmaster
    Trained Strip
    3 years ago
    Orlando Martinez
    That's our Troop!
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  • Blue Grass Council Image
    Committee Member
    Trained Strip
    3 years ago
    Kevin Thompson
    Pending Approval
  • Grand Canyon Council Image
    2 years ago
    Jerry Crosby
    As a Pilot may I thank the Scouts from T 597 for being so observant! Be Prepared...
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  • The Spirit of Adventure Image
    2 years ago
    Dave Metrano
    Great job scouts, they jumped in and really did there "Good Turn Daily". Makes me proud to be a Scouter in the best program a young man can join.
    Pending Approval
  • Flint River Council Image
    Assistant Scoutmaster
    Trained Strip
    a year ago
    Dale Christ
    5 yt? T55
    Pending Approval
  • South Texas Council Image
    Chartered Organization Representative
    a year ago
    David Walker
    scOUTing is all about being OUTside where the action is.
    and the scOUTs cannot do it withOUT good adult volunteers.
    Congratulation to the scOUTs and scOUTers!
    Pending Approval
  • Hawk Mountain Image
    a year ago
    Sam Reimert
    Awesome work T597. God Bless.
    Pending Approval
  • Shenandoah Area Council Image
    8 months ago
    Aimee Gangai
    I love to hear these good news stories! Excellent job, scouts and leaders!
    Pending Approval
  • Far East Council Image
    6 months ago
    Cannon S.
    Pending Approval
  • Jersey Shore Council Image
    Committee Chairman
    4 months ago
    Joe Cocco
    Scouts doing what they do best.
    A testimonial to Scout training.
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  • Theodore Roosevelt Council Image
    Assistant Scoutmaster
    21 days ago
    Steve Sylwester
    Congrats to the Scouts who acted, and to the ASMs, SMs, and all other adults involved in helping those boys become leaders. YIS...
    Pending Approval
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