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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Why 2015 is the year to take your family to Philmont Training Center

by Bryan on Scouting - Blog
© Bryan on Scouting - Blog

Spend a week in one of the most beautiful spots in the country.

Learn from Scouters who wrote the book — literally — on Scouting subjects that matter to you.

Oh, and bring the whole family because there’s something for infants, spouses, grandparents and everyone in between.

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  • National Capital Area Council Image
    Assistant Scoutmaster
    Trained Strip
    3 years ago
    Eric Bullock
    Headed back this summer. This will be my sixth PTC trip with the family. One of my wife's favorite stories is about the deer trying to get in the tent to drink my daughters bottle. I have also been on trek with my eldest son, but if you have never been to Philmont and are looking for a family trip, this beats Disney.
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  • Heart of Virginia Council Image
    3 years ago
    Larry Pinkney
    If there is a scouter in your District or unit who has given a lot of service but can't afford to go to PTC, get the money together and send them as well as giving them a little pocket change. They will be forever grateful and your heart will be full for helping to make it happen. Our District has done it twice.
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  • Grand Columbia Council Image
    2 years ago
    Gerald Byers
    One of the best experiences I ever did. While training my son went on the week long experience in the wilderness and had a great time. Worth the time and effort to go whenever possible.
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