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    5 days ago
    JP S.
    Thanks Ed D. for your reply and explaining that sync must be activated for leader approvals to work. The scout is in our Member Manager Roster. But Neither myself or the parent has full control of the his scoutbook account to transfer him to our pack's scoutbook page. Scoutbook says the BSA ID is already connected to a scoutbook account. To bad scoutbook doesn't have a way make this transfer happen based on the current Member Manager Roster after council completes a transfer request. I hope to get help from his previous unit admin to give us the Full Control we need. Should get resolved before we get into restricted "Rank" purchase issues. As a backup I have verified that I can access the scout's advancement through the "Legacy Advancement" tools on Hopefully it won't come to that and we can use scoutbook to do the proper sync. We'll contact scoutbook support for higher level help if I don't get a response from the previous unit admins.
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    5 days ago
    Ed D.

    Send an e-mail to with the Scout's name, BSA#, old unit and council and new unit and council. Ask them to move the Scout to your roster and give you full control.

    Scoutbook will eventually retrieve roster data directly from Akela, the BSA person database. We do not have a schedule for this development work.
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