Updates for Sep 17, 2012

Close Updates for Sep 17, 2012

Published: Sep 17, 2012
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Offline Cache Improvements

Our cache feature allows you to store our Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity, Venturing and LDS references directly to your mobile device or laptop so they are available anytime/anywhere.  You control which references you want cached and we do the rest!

Some of the improvements we made is a new visual indicator so you know when the cache is updating.  When you use the flip toggle slider to activate the offline cache the control grays out and you will see some spinning arrows.  Once the data has finished downloading the arrows go away.  This allows you to know when the data has finished downloading so you can use it offline.  

Best of all you don't have to sit and wait.  You can continue to use the site like normal and it will download in the background.  Just come back to the page to see if it has finished.

Also we show you a nice popup letting you know the update has started.

New Since Last Visit

You asked for it and now it's available.  Each time you visit Scoutbook we show you how many Scouting Videos, Blogs, and News Stories were added since you last visit.  This makes it easy to see if anything is new in those sections.

Fixed Headers

Now when you scroll down a page our green header stays put on the top of the page without disappearing. Tap the screen and you can also toggle the header to hide/show. This gives you even more reading room if you don't want to see the header. It's pretty cool. Give it a try on this page!

We've just added 104 more News Stories and 214 Scouting Videos!

Every day we bring you the latest scouting news stories from all over America. We also have one of the largest collections of quality scouting videos available.

Watch hundreds of training videos, skits, shows, events and more right on your mobile device. See how Scouting around America is changing peoples lives everyday. We personally review and approve all our videos so you can be assured the content you see on our site is always Scout friendly.

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We want to thank you for your ongoing service in Scouting.  Stay tuned as we continue to make improvements and new features to the site.  If you have a suggestion or comment please send us a note.  

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