Scouting Directory Launched


Scouting Directory Launched

Published: Dec 12, 2012
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New Scouting Directory Launched

It's been coming soon for 3 months and today we finally take the wraps off yet another Scoutbook feature you will sure to love.

Our Scouting directory adds hundreds of new pages to the site including a full list of all the official Scouting websites and all 285 councils including maps, contact information, social media links, related videos and news within the council.  

As with every section of Scoutbook the new directory is also fully search enabled so you can find what you need quick!

First Up...Official BSA Websites

The first section of our new directory is a list of all the official Scouting websites complete with a quick description and a webpage preview.


Full up-to-date BSA Council List

Scoutbook is all about "Discovering". That is exactly what you'll be able to do with our new interactive council list.

Search or browse all 285 current BSA councils and find a wealth of information about each one including which social media sites they use, how many Scout shops are in the council and much more.


Council Scout Shops

View Scout shops within the council and get directions including phone numbers and business hours.  If you have a mobile phone device just touch the phone number and it will call the number for you.

Council News and Videos

Our Scouting News and Videos sections are now fully integrated into the Council directory.

Now you can discover all the latest news stories and video happening within each council.

We are very exited about the release of our Scouting Directory and invite you to discover the many ways that Scouting is making an impact in the lives of our youth and those they serve.

-Scoutbook Team


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