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Meet the Next Generation Scout Unit Advancement Software

Say goodbye to your old tracking software and say hello to a whole new way of thinking about Scout advancement.

"Thank you! I am LOVING this website!! Exactly what I was wishing for. I am a new leader and was SO overwhelmed, and this just made my life 1000 times easier! Sending a BIG hug to you wonderful people for creating this!" - Alicia Atkinson Den Leader Trapper Trails Council

We're Connecting Scouts, Parents and Leaders Together Like Never Before

Scoutbook is much more than an awesome tool to track advancement for Scouts in the BSA. It's the whole Scouting experience rolled into one amazing web app. Scouts, parents and leaders can all use Scoutbook to connect and interact with each other. Merit badge counselors can connect to review and approve work on merit badges. Scouts can upload photos of their work on requirements or share how much fun they had on the last campout with a video.

Scouts can use Scoutbook to fulfill their positions of responsibility. Each leadership position opens up features specific to your Scout's role. We use the patrol method so there is less work for the adults to do and more opportunities for each Scout to grow and serve.

"I love scoutbook. Yesterday my son used his iPod to document his plant ID for Nature MB. After he gets his photos labeled he will add them to the requirement in Scoutbook so he can show his counselor later. He's taking more responsibility/ownership in tracking his own advancements. Thank You Scoutbook!" - Lorene Corbett, East Carolina Council

It's Your Scoutbook in the Cloud

Access your Scouting records anywhere in any browser 100% secure and encrypted. It's your Scoutbook in the cloud.

Scoutbook is optimized for mobile devices like the iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iPod Touch and both Android tablets and devices. Our web app also works on any computer desktop.

Track your BSA Cub Scout and Boy Scout's awards and rank advancements with Scoutbook's new and exciting management software.

  • 78% of teens now have a cell phone, and almost half (47%) of those own smartphones. That translates into 37% of all teens who have smartphones, up from just 23% in 2011.
  • One in four teens (23%) have a tablet computer, a level comparable to the general adult population.
  • Nine in ten (93%) teens have a computer or have access to one at home. Seven in ten (71%) teens with home computer access say the laptop or desktop they use most often is one they share with other family members.
Pew Research Center, March 2013

Upload Photos and Video from your Smartphone or Tablet

Our unit management software does a lot more than just keep track of numbers and dates. Record all your Scouting memories by taking photos and videos on your mobile device and uploading them directly to Scoutbook using your HTML5 compatible browser.

Each rank and individual requirement has options to leave notes/journals, and upload both photos and videos so all your Scouting memories are recorded and can be shared with others. What better way to show or demonstrate a skill to your Scoutmaster or merit badge counselor than through a video?

"I like being able to add photos and videos. As an MBC in the Central Florida Council, it lets me work with boys that live 2-3 hours away from me." - Tom McFadden II, Central Florida Council

Always Up to Date. Always Available. Always in the Cloud.

Since Scoutbook is cloud based and works in any browser, we bring you the latest advancement changes and new BSA merit badges as they are announced.

The new Eagle required Cooking and Sustainability merit badges were available to start tracking on Scoutbook the same day they were released.

Digital Technology merit badge was ready to track just hours after it was official released. (Apr 16)

Mining in Society merit badge was ready to track on Scoutbook just one hour after it was announced at the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration's annual meeting in Salt Lake City. (Feb 24)

It's time to get rid of your old Scout tracking software and start fresh with a cloud based solution that is always up to date and that everyone can access anywhere, anytime and on any device. Join the thousands of happy Scouts, parents and leaders who have already made the switch. You'll be glad you did.

New Cub Scouting Program Starting June 1st, 2015

Is your pack ready for the new Cub Scout program? Scoutbook will provide a seamless transition to the new program the same day it is launched by the BSA. Learn more about the new program

New Cub Scouting program handbooks
"I love the layout of! Most important to me is the dates, to be able to look back and have the dates in an easy to find location is wonderful!!" - Brian Shervem, Sequoia Council, CA

One System That Does It All

Why have two separate tracking systems for your pack and another for your troop?

Scoutbook brings them all together in one easy to use web app.

Manage all your Scouts from your personal Dashboard. Scoutbook lets you track your own Scouts plus as many packs and troops as you want.

You never need to create separate accounts on Scoutbook. One login account is all you need to handle all your roles in Scouting.

Finally, one app that allows you to track your Scouts from Tiger Cub all the way to Eagle Scout!

When it's time to crossover from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts just hit a button and it's done. Need to transfer to another unit? No problem. Scoutbook does it all.

Scoutbook is perfect for distict and other leaders that oversee multiple packs and troops.

Better than a Traditional App

Traditional iOS or Android apps require constant updates and only work on the device they are made for. How can you share your Scouting experience with others if they are locked into a specific app?

Scoutbook breaks the barriers of traditional apps with it's browser based web app. We use the latest mobile and web technologies to deliver an experience that is secure, clean, fast and looks great on any device. Just type our website into your browser on any mobile device, tablet or computer and that's it: a mobile experience that feels like an app, but delivers a much richer experience.

"I love your app!! I am able to share it with my den parents right at our meetings! Can't wait to use the den feature!" - Shannon Fowler, Minsi Trails Council

Easily See How Close your Scout is to the Next Rank

Scoutbook is the only online management software tracker that accurately displays the percentage completed for rank advancements, merit badges and awards. It even lets you know when you have fulfilled enough requirements to earn the rank or award.

As your Scout completes each requirement his percent complete indicator goes up until he has earned enough requirements to earn the rank. Scoutbook is smart enough to gray out the requirements that are no longer needed to earn rank so your Scout can keep moving forward.

Parents love the way they can get a complete picture of their Scouts advancement all on one page.

"I love the visual feedback, the ease of use especially on a mobile device, the ability to track progress at a glance, and the ability to share progress with merit badge counselors and parents!" - Michelle Holcomb, Circle Ten Council, TX

Multi-Scout Quick Entry Makes Recording Advancement Easy

Scoutbook has all the power tools you need to allow you to spend less time entering and more time with your Scouts.

Check off requirements for multiple Scouts in one step with our Quick Entry pages!

Quick Entry for Achievements
Quick Entry for Electives
Quick Entry for Activity Badges
Quick Entry for Belt Loops & Pins
Quick Entry for Merit Badges
Quick Entry for Service Logs
Quick Entry for Camping Logs
Quick Entry for Hiking Logs

Step 1. Select the Scouts. Sometime not all your Scouts attended an event or den meeting. Select which Scouts earned the advancement. Scoutbook even lets you select Scouts from multiple units if you want!

Step 2. Enter the Date. Leaders see the approved checkbox. Parents and Scouts don't.

Step 3. Check off requirements earned. Just touch each requirement that was passed off.

Step 4. Leave some notes. Record where and when the activity took place and any other important details you want to remember. These notes will go into each Scouts personal notepad.

Step 5. Submit and your Done! One page just saved you 15 minutes of hard work.

Say Hello to eSignatures and QR Codes!

Mar, 2014 - Now you can print all your academics and sports award cards with optional Cubmaster eSignature!

Print directly on blue cards from your iPhone, iPad, iPod or desktop computer. When merit badge counselors connect and approve requirements their signature will automatically appear. We even support different versions of the blue card. Our advancement software guides you step by step. Now you can have a backup copy of all your merit badge records in a matter of minutes.

3 part QR Codes take you directly to the Boy Scout's merit badge page so leaders can see additional notes, photos and videos.

"After signing up, I began entering some of my son's Boy Scout advancements. I'm in LOVE!! This is the best tracker I have tried. And I've tried several." - Lorene Corbett Blackbeard District-East Carolina Council

Automatically Import and Sync all Training from the BSA!

Scoutbook can quickly import all the training records for both leaders and Scouts in your pack or troop.

Scoutbook supports manual entry or you can use our ScoutNET Sync feature. A ScoutNET certified logo appears next to each training course that is verified through ScoutNET.

Are you trained in your Scouting positions? Scoutbook shows you how close you are to becoming a "trained" leader. Enter all your positions and we'll automatically show you what training you need.

Scouts can even track their own training like NYLT, NAYLE, ILST, Weather Hazards, Youth Protection, CPR, Den Cheif Training and many more!

Scoutbook supports all 140+ official BSA training courses. We even remind you when your training expires.

When your unit or district uses Scoutbook, you may notice a dramatic increase in your Journey to Excellence scores. Your adults actually get excited about becoming 100% trained. No other software encourages training like Scoutbook.

"We have gone from 50% trained leaders to 81% trained in less than two weeks and should be at 100% within the week." - Gail Bryan - Mission Peak District Roundtable Commissioner

Tenure, Leadership and Positions of Responsibility

Adults can keep track of all their current and past positions in Scouting and we calculate their tenure.

If you are a merit badge counselor, you can define which badges you are registered for and even choose what merit badge counselor list you want appear on (unit, district or council list).

Our new Leadership Positions feature for Scouts lets you visually see how much leadership experience your Scouts have had by den and rank.

We also show you which positions they have served in each rank or den year. This is a great way to see if they qualify for Star, Life and Eagle requirements.

Order of the Arrow Ordeal, Brotherhood and Vigil Honor can all be tracked too!

We even show the OA sash right on the Scout's account page!

Messaging Features keep everyone Connected

Send messages to leaders, parents and Scouts with our new messaging feature.

Just click or touch the leaders or parents you want to include in your message. It's as easy as that!

Scoutbook takes youth protection to a new level. When adults email Scouts the parents are automatically CC'd in the email!

BCC feature lets you hide all the email addresses in your message for added privacy and security for all users.

Automatically Insert Upcoming Events right into your message!

Upload file attachments and much more!

A Calendar and Events System Like No Other

We listened to your requests and responded with a calendar and events module that not only lets you create a schedule of events for your unit, but also integrates 8 other features into one, including Scouting's Journey to Excellence.

Combined Unit Events
RSVP System
Scheduled Reminders
Scheduled Advancement + Home Assignments
Multi-Scout Advancement Quick Entry
Print Permission Slips (LDS + BSA)
Journey to Excellence (JTE)
iCalendar (.ics) feeds
"The iCal support is absolutely fantastic. This will be a huge boon. Thank you!" - Steve Fox, Scoutmaster, Sioux Council

Now with weather hazards planning forecast!

All outdoor events show a handy planning forecast so Scouts, parents and leaders can better anticipate changing weather and dress appropriately.

7 day weather forecast

Scoutbook has integrated JTE into every feature of the site including our Calendar.

It is our hope that every pack and troop that uses Scoutbook will become a better unit and in turn provide our youth with excellent program activities, 100% trained adult leadership and opportunities for each Scout to excel in everything they do.

With our Planned advancement feature of the Calendar / Events module, your Scouts and their parents will be able to see which items are scheduled to be completed in class and which items are assigned as home assignments.

Scoutbook allows you to communicate and plan your Scouting program better than another other tool out there. And the more you use Scoutbook the better experience for everyone!

"Your program is awesome!!!! We are really having good response and a lot of success." - Corey Calderwood, Committee Chair Pack 292, Utah National Parks Council

The Ultimate Merit Badge Counselor List

If you've ever been a Scoutmaster you know what it's like to rely on old, outdated counselor lists. Half of the people on the list have either moved away or haven't been contacted for years. Others may be on an extended vacation or simply need a break from counseling for a few months.

Scoutbook has solved these issues and built what we believe is the ultimate merit badge counselor list.

100% Secure (for leaders only)
Only currently registered and approved counselors appear
Only active Youth Protection trained counselors appear
Real time updates show how many Scouts they are working with
Search council wide with proximity results
Counselors can set availability
Counselors can be listed with multiple districts, units or council wide
NEW! Districts can now sync their lists with Scoutbook and approve each counselor and which badges they are approved for. This feature adds another layer of security and verification and is available Free of charge to all districts and councils. Contact your disctrict exec about it today!

Build Beautiful Custom Reports

View advancement and training reports like never before. No matter what device you have they look great! Our Report Builder tool lets you customize and save your reports to your personal Dashboard. Your committee will absolutely love using Scoutbook.

Create Shopping Lists, Purchase Orders and Generate Official BSA Unit Advancement Reports (34403)

After the dust settles and all the hard work is over, it's time to go shopping! Our purchase order feature allows you to print shopping lists to take the Scout store.

If you want to get an idea how much everything will cost, just include the Price and SKU columns. Scoutbook automatically syncs item pricing from the BSA.

Keep a backup history of all your purchase orders in case you need to reference them later.

2-Way Sync with BSA ScoutNET Internet Advancement (Import + Export)

ScoutNET Compatible Interface

Many council are moving toward the future and requiring their units to submit advancement through the national Internet Advancement online system.

Import your entire roster of Scouts and their advancement plus keep everything in sync by using Scoutbook.

With our full ScoutNET Internet Advancement integration, you can generate an advancement file to upload into the BSA's national database. Backup your advancement by sending it to BSA! Scoutbook is capable of sending rank, activity badges, merit badges, belt loops and awards.

Say goodbye to paper and pencil and hello to the future!

Feb 1, 2014 - Scoutbook is the only product that currently supports sending belt loop data to ScoutNET. Why enter it twice when Scoutbook can do it for you automatically?

LDS Faith in God, Duty to God Award Tracking

Scoutbook is the perfect tool for youth, parents, primary presidencies, young men presidencies, bishoprics and stake presidencies to track progress in the Faith in God award and Duty to God award for boys.

Easily track the Religious Square Knot and On My Honor awards. Scouts, parents and church leaders can work together on all requirements plus Scouts can leave journal entries and upload photos and videos!

Scouts Can Track Their Own Advancement FREE

Scoutbook is FREE to all Scouts in the BSA. If the Scout is not old enough to use Scoutbook we even let a parent track one Scout for FREE just to get started.

Start Tracking your whole Family, Den, Patrol, Pack or Troop for only $10/year

free trial

Our FREE Plan allows you to track one Cub Scout or Boy Scout.

Upgrade to our Family Plan and track multiple Scouts and share their progress with others.

Den Leaders and Scoutmasters can track their Scouts starting at $10/year. All our subscription plans come with a full 30 day trial.

Share your Scout's records with your spouse, Scout leaders and merit badge counselors so they can connect, approve and check off requirements. You set the permissions and our unit management software takes care of the rest.

No matter what level you decide to use Scoutbook we have made it easy for individuals, families, dens, patrols or entire packs and troops to track advancement and manage their units.

And you can always join other subscriptions at any time. Scoutbook is completely flexible. It tracks your entire Scouting experience from youth to adult.

"As a den leader, I've been looking for a good way to share information and keep track of my scouts and their parents. This function is exactly what I've been looking for! Thanks!" - Roger Ferrell, San Diego Imperial Council

One Simple Pricing Structure for All Plans

We believe small units are just as important as bigger ones. That is why we have come up with a pricing structure that is very cost effective for small units and still competitive for larger ones.

If you have a unit with 40 or more Scouts, you can take advantage of our discount rate of only $1 per Scout per year (sold in blocks of five).

Number of Scouts 1 up to 5 up to 10 up to 15 up to 20 up to 30 up to 40 40+
Number of Adults 1 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Price per year FREE $10.00 $20.00 $25.00 $30.00 $35.00 $40.00 $1 each

With every paid subscription there is no limit to the number of adults that use Scoutbook. It's unlimited.

Sign up with other units and Save Even More!

We now support combining subscriptions to qualify for the best rate. Plus if your combined total is 100 Scouts or more you automatically qualify for 10% off. This is perfect for LDS Wards and Stakes who want to get everyone on the same system and get the best deal possible.

Import your Existing Records and try us for 30 Days

Get started right away by having us import your entire Scout roster and advancement directly from the BSA ScoutNET system.

Our new ScoutNET Sync feature can bring in all your Scouting records including addresses, phone numbers, bsa member numbers, awards, advancement, and training records for all the Scouts in your unit. This is a great way to start fresh with everything that is on file with your council. We can even import all 4 rosters for LDS wards! (pack + troop + team + crew)

Scoutbook also accepts your export files from the following products: TroopMaster, PackMaster, ScoutTrack and ScoutManage.

We're Big on Support

Our support is always FREE. If you ever have questions just contact us or post to our Forum board and we'll personally get back to you.

"Wow! Seriously? At almost midnight ET on a holiday weekend you are fixing minor glitches on a website, the majority of users won't pay for, that don't affect usability. Amazing! If you are in Customer service for any company tell me the name because I want to be a customer for a company with service like that."

Just Ask and We'll Build it...

If you see a feature that you really want, just post to our New Feature Request forum board. Our community of Scouters will vote on it and depending on the demand we'll build it!

"Thank you so much for creating an OUTSTANDING product and being the first company to listen to what its audience wants and needs and provide a software that truly will be the best because of it. Awesome job keep up the great work!" - Rodney Torrence, Longhorn Council

"WOW !!" "I'll second that. You guys are amazing. I put in a request and you produce a resolution in 45 minutes? Nobody does that. Thank you so much!" - A happy Scoutbook user

Get a Free Account and Check Out Scoutbook Today

Years of research and development have gone into the making of Scoutbook. We are excited about all the new features we have planned for this year and beyond. Most of the features we are building come directly from you. Let us know what you would like to see next by posting to our Forums.

We hope you enjoy our FREE advancement tracking app and that you will recommend us to your Packs and Troops. Thank you!

Signup for your FREE account today and let us show you how fun and easy Scout tracking can really be!

After you create your free account you will be able to try out any of our subscriptions FREE for 30 days.

Coming Soon to Scoutbook

Journey to Excellence
Journey to Excellence (JTE) Pack and Troop Tracking. Full integration of the Pack and Troop JTE scorecards is coming to Scoutbook. Get alerts, suggestions and see your score in real time as you go throughout the year with our intelligent JTE and calendaring features.